Student Information Managment

Project Description

Manage everything related to your students in one system

Gurukule has an advanced and integrated Student Information System with an integrated mobile app. Simplicity and effectiveness reflect in every module of our system which makes it suitable for the management, teachers, parents, and students.

Everything from paperless student admissions to result card generation

Manage everything digitally like Admissions, Attendance , Exams, Marks Register and much more with our integrated system.

Digital student monitoring for teachers and parents

In this digital era, every institution is exploring their options to go digital and paperless. Well we have built GurukulE to address that requirement specifically.

Gurukule accommodates every requirement of educational institutions to maintain, store and monitor student related data.With Gurukule you keen keep track of student's attendance, academics, grades, behavior, activities, fees, and transport easily. Other tasks like communication with students and parents, lesson planning, online classes, certificate and identity cards generation and results card generation is completely easy in Gurukule.

Major Features Of Our Student Information Management System

Paperless Admissions

Student Profile Management

Attendance Management

Time Table Management

Student Categories

Student Promotion

Update Siblings

Student Search

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