Fees Collection & Management

Project Description

Fully customized fees management solution

Manage the complete profile of your schools for each student. Our fee management feature uses a secure payment gateway that facilitates parents to pay school fees online and view all transaction details.

No waiting, no long queues and no data mismatch

Parents can pay the fee online from home to eliminate the long queue standing and waiting time, and get receipts instantly on email and in-app to avoid data mismatch. Hence, money will automatically be allocated to the correct receipt head.

Handle fees collection tasks efficiently

Gurukule school management software transforms the most cumbersome aspects of managing fees collection into an effortless operation. It sends notifications before fees are due and help you generate reports on real time.

All the features of our fees management solution offer wonderful advantages where schools not only can expedite student fee collection but also deliver an improved experience to students & parents.

Major features related to Fees Collection & Management

Collect Fees

Search Due Fees

Fees Group

Fees Type

Fees Master

Fees Discount

Fees Carry Forward

Fees Reminder

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